Unpaper Towels

Paperless wipes with some personality

Unpaper towels are you eco-friendly solution to the paper towel alternative that often end up right in the trash. Simply grab one of these sustainable towels when there’s a mess to be cleaned and throw in the wash! With Periwinkle’s unpaper towels, you will be able to blast some personal style in your kitchen by choosing from one of our many pattern options. 

Custom orders available. 

Use your unpaper towel like you would a paper alternative. Store in a kitchen drawer, or pile each individual towel on top of one another and stagger it by about an inch, start from one end and roll it up and place it in your paper towel holder. Once you have finished using your unpaper towel, simply throw it in the wash.  

  • 100% cotton fabric

Machine wash cold, no chlorine bleach, hang to dry or tumble dry low.
Fabric has not been prewashed. We recommend washing before use.
Expect some shrinkage if heat is applied through washing or drying.

Saves Trees

With the warmth of your hands shape the wrap around your bowl or plate as a cover, or directly on your food.


Simply wipe down with a damp cloth, rinse with cold water, or use a mild detergent to wash then air dry flat.


When your wraps have come to the end of their life simply cut the wrap into smaller pieces and throw it in the compose.

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