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Keep your food fresher for longer, more sustainably.

Beeswax Food Bags

Be more sustainable with these reusable "ziplock" snack bags.

Food Bags

Reusable cotton snack & sandwich bags for your food on the go.

Unpaper Towel

Zero-waste "paper" towel - or cotton towels in this case.

Providing you simple ways to be more sustainable - one product at a time.


Our high quality products are handmade, created from sustainable materials – a great plastic alternative. You can reuse them to your hearts desire. 

Easy to Use

All our products are simple to use, as simple as any ol’ plastic product. A quick rinse under water or toss it in the wash, and simply reuse it again!

Style Variety

We have a ton of patterns to match your style. Want something specific? Let us know, and we can custom make your perfect product.